VR and AR for Everyone

Seth T. McBeth --Diplomatic Language Services

Session Description

"Virtual and Augmented Reality systems present unique challenges in Human-Computer Interaction. Available User Input methods are diverse, non-standardized, and many are not conducive to extant accessibility systems. Most XR applications are designed for people with full physical capacity. Motion controllers are good for large, sweeping motion, but fail at fine detail tasks. Speech input can streamline the User Experience, but high accuracy of recognition is difficult to achieve. Sean proposes unique metaphors for considering input methods to aid in the design process, such as the “Fork Lift” metaphor of smartphone AR systems, the “Grabby Claw” metaphor of VR motion controllers, and the “Attention Cone” of gaze tracking and brain-wave scanning devices. He discusses available input options such as: audio-only interfaces for persons and scenarios in which visual feedback may not be available or convenient, configurable input options for seated versus standing experiences, and statistical approaches for combining multiple input systems to achieve greater selection accuracy. Finally, he also discusses design considerations for improving User Experience, such as anchoring AR experiences to real-life objects, designing VR experiences to avoid artificial locomotion, designing locomotion systems to avoid simulator sickness, and designing applications to adapt to diverse user capabilities."


Sean T. McBeth is the head of VR/AR at Diplomatic Language Services, where he builds Virtual and Augmented Reality applications for iso-immersive foreign language and cultural learning.